25 lb Box Bulk Roasted Jalapeno Pistachios - Delicious Nut Brand
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25 lb Box Bulk Roasted Jalapeno Pistachios



When you just have to have MORE Pistachios!  Buy Bulk!

Bulk boxes of inshell Pistachios are a great way of always having

Pistachios on hand or 25 pounds to separate and create your own gifts for giving.

Either way, you can’t go wrong.

Stored cool and dry, Bulk Box Pistachios stay good for two-years from roasting.

Our Jalapeno flavoring is a puree, not a powder! We use a unique Jalapeno pepper, custom grown, full of all that great Jalapeno flavor without the heat!

Amazing – you must try them!

Non-GMO, No Sulfites. Allergen-free and Gluten free. The Jalapeno puree is Certified Kosher by KCS.

Soon to be your favorite!


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Weight 26 lbs
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